Large Land Tracts Study

First Meeting Presentation Material


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In its Community Vision Plan, approved by the Board of Trustees in 1999, the Planning Board described the remaining tracts of publicly- and privately-owned open space in the Village as “an important environmental asset [which plays] a major role in defining the character of the village.”  At the request of the Board of Trustees, the Planning Board is forming a subcommittee to organize community discussions about the large land tracts and to formulate planning strategies for their future.  At its meeting on December 3, the Board of Trustees discussed the importance of the Village taking a pro-active stance regarding the future of the large tracts before it is faced with another development proposal on one or more of the properties.


The properties in questions include, at the south end of the Village, the Graham School, the Andrus Retirement Home, the Andrus Children’s Home, the Burke Estate and other large properties on Broadway, and, at the north end, several large tracts on Broadway zoned for multi-family housing.  On the east side of the Village, the list includes properties along the Route 9A corridor, including Westchester County parkland and New York State Dept. of Transportation parkway lands, and Childrens Village property adjacent to Hillside Woods. (See the map on the next page.) The former Ciba Geigy site on Route 9A was also recommended for study in the Community Vision Plan, but it is now under consideration for rezoning as multi-family residential.


Because of the scenic and environmental importance of these open spaces that line the Village’s major roadways and because of the potential environmental impacts of any development, the Community Vision Plan recommends two actions:


•           A greenspace overlay district should be mapped on the large tracts to preserve open space along the major roadways.

•           The zoning of all the large tracts should be reviewed along with the potential for cluster housing and large setbacks.


Before a strategy is developed to implement these steps, the Planning Board intends to hold a number of public meetings to establish consensus in the community surrounding the goals of open space preservation and the key issues involved with potential development of these large tracts.  The Planning Board will try to assess the community’s views on the following questions:


        1.  What does “preserving the Village’s open space character” mean to you?

        2.  Which scenic views of or from the large land tracts are important to preserve?

        3.  What role do the large land tracts play in preserving village character?

        4.  What environmental resources should be protected?

        5.  What impacts would new development have on the Village’s infrastructure, including roads and traffic, parking, utilities and schools?

        6.  How would new development on the large tracts, or the absence of it, affect the Village’s tax base?

        7. What would development on the large land tracts affect the economic health of the downtown?

        8.  What role could the large land tracts play in helping to maintain Hastings’ diverse population? 

        9.  How could the large tracts be better integrated into the Village’s existing and proposed pedestrian systems, including trailways and sidewalks?


At the meeting in January, an inventory of the properties will also be presented.  Additional public meetings will be held in February and March to discuss the issues and the appropriate strategies for addressing them.  The Planning Board intends to present its recommendations for implementing the strategies (such as rezoning, mandatory cluster housing or a greenspace overlay district) to the Board of Trustees by June 2003. 


If you would like your views to be heard or to volunteer, please e-mail your responses to the above questions to Meg Walker, Village Planning Consultant at  or mail to 7 Maple Avenue.  The Planning Board is also seeking volunteers to serve on the Large Land Tract Steering Committee.  Please call Meg Walker at 478-3400 ext 630, or e-mail if you are interested.