donate&buy used
Donate & Buy Used
There are two clothing bins at the DPW yard on Southside Avenue were you can deposit your unwanted textiles (clothing, shoes, bags, curtains, towels, sheets, blankets). Don't worry about condition: items can be stained or torn as they will be sorted, and either dontated for reuse or repurposed as rags.

By purchasing used items, you prevent the creation of waste in the manufacuting of new items - so shop at second-hand stores, The Salvation Army, etc., for yourself and for gifts.

Spending a little more on a better-built item that will last longer will also help in keeping things out of the waste stream.

Host a swap!  Gather friendsand their excess stufffor this thrifty get-together, and start trading.

Here are some links to find items and places to find homes for your unwanted items:
Westchester Treasure Hunt
Craigslist Westchester
The Salvation Army